Why Many People Mistakenly Search For Foxfire?

When many people go to Google in order to search for the Firefox Web Browser, type "Foxfire" to search for this program.

The misspelling has been preserved to attract the majority of this people.

The Firefox browser is preferred by many people because the tabbed browsing make it easier to browse the web. Instead of opening several instances of the program, you can open window tabs and look at web pages without opening more that one.

Also, the security of Firefox (or Foxfire as many people want to search for) is much better than the security of other Internet Browser (such as Internet Explorer from Microsoft), because the Mozilla Foundation designed the Firefox Browser with security in mind.

When you download Firefox you also get free updates and software extensions known as plug-ins to add functionality to the browser. Go to the download page and start enjoying a more stable browsing with Firefox (or Foxfire, as many people will say).